Corrugated Pipe & Hose Extrusion Machine

    This extrusion line can continuously manufacture PP, PE, PA, PB, EVA, PVC and some other single wall corrugate pipes. Corrugate pipes are widely used as a product sleeve in wiring cable of cars, electric wire and as drainage pipe of air conditioner or washing machine etc.์

  • Extruder: Single screw extruder with high performance.
  • Corrugated Forming Machine: The special design of the cooling unit with water & air cooling inside ensures the high cooling speed and forming structure of the pipe.
  • Winding Unit: Double shaft winder controlled by the DC Torque motor. It is added with the special traverse unit.
  • a
    It is developed for exhaust, water pipe and referred to the world's exhaust technology. Provides better plasticizing function at a higher output. Moreover, our standard screw & barrel is made from special Japanese steel "SACM 645" which has high solidity and endurance.

    **Remark:We can sell each unit separately and are able to manufacture the machines according to the customer's requirements. 

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