PVC Profile Twin Screw Extrusion Line

     We supply parallel or conical twin-screw extruder.

    This machine is extensively used in various industries such as the building industry, electrical industry, and automotive industry. Moreover, it can be used with different plastic materials to produce soft or rigid profiles.

  • Extruder: Due to the unique design of the conical twin screw, it is able to manufacture with a high speed output. It can also be applied with PVC Resin in order to decrease the stages of the manufacturing process.
  • Calibration Cooling Unit:This unit expedites the process as it is easy for sizing and cooling tothe desired formed shape while extruding at high speed.
  • Haul Off Unit: Caterpillar type, adjustable speed with stability working. Length measurement is carried out by digital counter.
  • Cutting Unit: The saw cutter synchronizes with the haul off unit automatically. It is controlled through the PLC system to ensure precision cutting is attained consistently.
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    **Remark: We can sell each unit separately and are able to manufacture the machines according to the customer's requirements.

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