Film Extrusion Machine

    The extrusion line of PVC film is an innovated technology for the packaging society. The packaging is innovative to a standard of ultra-thin, self-adhesive and transparent. This technology of packaging material is very popular in a number of industries such as footwear, automobile, luggage, stationery, furnishing/decoration, chemical, garment, medical and packaging.

  • T-Die can adjust the thickness of the sheets.
  • Forming Roller Unit (Imported): Hardening treatment is applied on the roller surface. Rollers are polished, for stable control of temperature in every unit. Hence, this assures that the product's surface to be perfection.
  • Winding Unit: Double shaft winder controlled by an authoritative DC Torque motor. Additionally, the machine has the ability to change the wind shaft automatically with ease.

  • **Remark:We can sell each unit separately and are able to manufacture the machines according to the customer's requirements. 

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