Medical Tube Extrusion Machine

    This machine is engineered to be robustand specially designed for usage of medical purposes. It operates with absolute precision, consistency and accuracy at all times.

  • Vacuum Water Tank: Vacuum sizing system for controlling the size of the product.
  • Haul Off Unit: Belt type for controlling the length of product with stable running.
  • Cutting Unit: The unit is controlled by servo motor to assure stable and precise cutting. The length of the product can be adjusted with full flexibility and ease.
  • Optional Unit: Processor for measurement, OD control and display. We can make a special order according to the customer 's requirement.

    Product advantages:
  • Synchronization Controller.
  • Automatic Diameter Measuring & Control System.
  • High Precision with Sensor & Servo Motor.
  • Automatic Fault Detection and Isolation System.
  • Isolated Water System Design.
  • Save Up to 30%. Energy.

  • **Remark:We can sell each unit separately and are able to manufacture the machines according to the customer's requirements.  

    -Please download our E-Catalog for specification and further information.