Pu Tube Extrusion Machine
    PU hose can be wild utilized in automated machinery, coating machinery, all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic & hydraulic machinery, construction and various pneumatic tools. It can be used for gardening, cleaning, water hoses and other purposes.
  • Extruder: Single screw extruder with high performance.
  • Vacuum Water Tank:Vacuum sizing system for controlling the size of the product..
  • Haul Off Unit:Belt type for controlling the length of product with stable running. Length measurement is carried out through a digital counter.
  • Winding Unit:Double shaft winder and it is added with the traverse unit.
  • Optional Unit:Processor for measurement, OD control and display. We can make a special order according to the customer’s requirement.

  • **Remark:We can sell each unit separately and are able to manufacture the machines according to the customer's requirements.